Introducing Our New American Classic Ice Cream Flavors

Cool down with a scoop of Jacques’ new ice cream! This summer, Jacques has put his signature French Twist on three American Classics:

Red Velvet

A rich and decadent cream cheese ice cream packed with our red velvet cake pieces made with our premium cacao powder. It will bring back memories of the best birthdays and family get-togethers.

Jacques Torres Red Velvet Ice Cream


We toasted our handmade marshmallows and included pieces of our chocolate covered graham crackers for a delectable and fun ice cream. It will remind you of summer nights by the campfire.


Jacques Torres S'mores Ice Cream


Strawberry Shortcake

Fresh and local strawberries made into a compote with hints of citrus and vanilla paired with pieces of sponge cake mixed into a creamy ice cream to take you back to fun summer days at the park.

Jacques Torres Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Get a taste of these delicious new flavors at a location near you!

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