Jacques Teaches Grub Street's Madi Mills How to Make His Chocolate North Pole House

Nov 30, 2018


Part One: Tempering the Chocolate 

Melt chocolate, take a spatula and scrape the sides of the bowl and mix in the center. Take a laser thermometer and check the temperature (aiming for it to be around 88º F)

Part Two: Piping

Put the tempered chocolate in a piping bag and fill the molds of the chocolate house. 

Part Three: Build The House

With a blow torch slightly heat up a stainless steel work surface. Melt the edges of the chocolate house that will connect. Assemble one by one.

Part Four: Decorating!

Cover the roof of the chocolate house with royal icing to represent snow. In a zig-zag pattern mock the pattern of snowfall. Add peaks at the edge of the house to mock icicles. Add your favorite candies to the top of the roof and decorate as you like. 


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