Tasting Table x Jacques Torres

Mar 27, 2023

Jacques Torres is a master pastry chef and famous chocolatier. Recently, in Tasting Table Jacques was asked to reveal the pastry tool that he believes is worth the price! 
In the article, The Pastry Tool Jacques Torres Thinks Is Well Worth The Price Jacques offers some helpful pointers for home bakers who are looking to add to their baking tools collection and feel more professional in their kitchen. To many people's surprise, the low cost baking tool that Jacques recommended is a bench scraper! Many people would place this at the bottom of their list for baking necessities because it doesn't appeal to those looking to better their techniques. However, Jacques explains that a bench scraper can clean workspaces quickly, cut and divide dough, and quickly scrape bowls and soft surfaces. Not only is this tool useful in the kitchen everyday but it is also very durable and rarely needs to be replaced. 
If you want to discover more about this essential pastry tool, read more on Tasting Table! 


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