Time Out New York's Fire Week x Jacques Torres

Feb 08, 2023

In case you missed it…Jacques Torres heated things up this Valentine’s Day with Time Out New York. Jacques took on an ambitious challenge and was triumphant. Time Out New York couldn’t have said it better, “The pastry chef and Nailed It! judge bravely accepted and crafted one of the most beautiful, ambitious and creative designs in chocolate that we have certainly ever seen.” After creating a beautiful chocolate masterpiece he then took to the chocolate with a blowtorch and melted the whole thing in honor of Time Out New York’s “fire week” theme. 



Believe it or not, this was the first time EVER that Jacques has been asked to melt one of his creations and surprisingly in the end admitted to having fun with it. They don’t call Jacques “Mr. Chocolate” for just any reason, he has perfected the art of chocolate and that isn’t a simple task! His creation was composed of a dozen chocolate hearts, a massive chocolate apple, and behind everything he added New York city details ranging from smaller taxis to the iconic Empire State Building. His chocolates are undoubtedly delicious; however, his ability to create art with chocolate is incredible! If you want to find out more about the “fire week” experience with Time Out New York, read more about it here.