Introducing Vegan Hot Chocolate

Jan 10, 2022

Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate is world famous. Sure, you have had Hot Chocolate before, but never this authentic and decadent. Jacques' mixes are made with premium Belgium Chocolate and only need hot liquid like water or milk to make the perfect cup. 

What about those who do not drink dairy? Are they forever to sit on sidelines and watch as their lactose-tolerant friends enjoy the best cups of hot chocolate they have ever sipped? 

Of course not! Jacques Torres has come to the rescue with his Vegan Hot Chocolate mix. The same signature Jacques Torres taste that we all know and love, but hold the dairy. This versatile mix can be served with the hot liquid of your choice; anything from hot water to your favorite vegan milk. 

One sip and you will see why people are saying it "tastes like drinking a Jacques Torres chocolate bar".

Click on the post below to hear from Jacques in his own words as he introduces you to his new line of Hot Chocolate.

Click HERE to order the NEW Vegan Hot Chocolate!


 Click HERE to order your NEW Vegan Hot Chocolate!