New Nailed It! Series Raises the Reward While Keeping the Laughs

Aug 31, 2023

Everyone loves Nailed It! The mixture of earnest bakers trying their best, yet, thankfully for us, failing miserably, makes for pure entertainment. Who couldn’t see themselves making some of those “cakes”? The new series is called The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge and it gives us all the things we love and more. The folks at Primetimer Primetimer: The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge Gives Contestants a Recipe for Success said “Netflix has managed to transform one of its silliest series into a uniquely inspiring and utilitarian baking show without losing the absurdity that made the original so fun to begin with.”

There are ten amateur bakers that are learning, competing and hopefully improving their skills over time. With the help of baking coaches they gain skills and try to get better with each episode. Host Nicole Byer and judge Jacques Torres are still there to encourage, critique and taste their way through each show. 

At the end of the last challenge, contestants have twelve hours to make a first-rate cake and accompanying treats. The winner walks away with $100,000! No one leaves down-and-out. Those that are sent home get to take something from the pantry which includes their choice of various supplies and baking equipment to use at home. This series raises the stakes while giving viewers some practical tips and of course, lots of LOL moments.