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Choco-Story Tour Information
Choco-Story Tour Info

In your self-guided tour of our 5,000 sq. foot museum you will indulge in the story of chocolate and its journey from tree to bar through original artifacts, nine premium tastings, original Mayan hot chocolate freshly ground by hand, and a bon-bon making demonstration, offering an educational – and delicious - experience for families, children, and chocolate lovers.

The museum also features a kids’ corner, a fun, educational space where children can dig for “undiscovered artifacts” in a sandpit and play chocolate shop proprietor with a toy kitchen and cash register.

Tours last approximately 30 minutes and run from 10am-5pm Wed-Sun.

To book a tour you can visit our Tickets page

Groups of 20 or more who purchase tickets 10 days in advance can take advantage of special group discounts. Group tickets are subject to availability and only valid Wednesday-Friday. Student group tours are available and require one adult for each student under the age of 10.  For more information please see our FAQs or contact us.

Kids have the opportunity to play a matching game and win a treat.  
Youth decorating experience is available for an additional charge
(spaces limited, please call the Museum for availability).
All Guests will receive a 15% coupon to use on any purchase over $25 in our gift shop!


Phone:(917) 261-4252

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