Single Origin Chocolate

The Single Estate Collection

For over 20 years Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef Jacques Torres has made sustainability a top priority and believes that making superior chocolate starts with harvesting the best cacao possible. This limited-edition Single Estate Collection was created to support the cocoa farmers and highlight the Jacques Torres Chocolate cocoa farm in Yucatan, Mexico.

Our Commitment to Cacao Trace

In partnership with Cacao-Trace, we are committed to premium quality cocoa beans, an ethical supply chain, sustainable farming, and a long-term commitment to improved revenue and living conditions of farmers. To learn more about Cocoa-Trace please watch our video on our website

Single Estate Bars -[product-type]- Jacques Torres Chocolate

Single Estate Bar Collection

Our 3 bar gift set contains the following:

1- 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

1- 70% Dark Chocolate Bar w/ Chile Lime

1- 70% Dark Chocolate Bar w/Cocoa Nib

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