Halloween Means No Q & A About Chocolate

Oct 04, 2023

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Nobody asks why you have all that chocolate at your desk. Or why there are bowls full of treats in your house. You can keep it within arms reach without a second glance. And we’re ready for it. 

Our spooky Halloween Bonbons come with a hand painted plaque surrounded by bonbons created exclusively for Halloween. From eyeballs oozing with raspberry caramel to Bite Me Frightful filled with pumpkin spice. Everyone will find something to love. 

Satisfy your goblins with Hocus Pocus! This witch sitting atop her pumpkin is a delicious way to ring in the festivities. Our Assorted Halloween Bonbons are perfect to bring to the office and share, or keep for yourself. Come by and check out some of our In Store Only creations when you’re in the city. Sadly, Halloween only comes once a year. So embrace all things chocolate now!