Perfect Date Ideas For Valentine's Day By Jacques Torres

Jan 25, 2019

You have the perfect significant other, you’ve placed your order to get flowers delivered to them, and now all you need is the perfect date idea. No worries Jacques’ has you covered this Valentine’s Day.

Here are a couple of Perfect Date ideas for this year’s day of love:

#1. Make Something Sweet this Valentine's Day

Chocolate Making

Life is too short to wait for dessert; why not make it the main course? Take chocolate making classes and make something sweet together. If you are a New York local, Choco-Story New York offers the Chocolate Making Experience

>> Book a class HERE.

Don’t live in NYC? Mr. Chocolate has you covered; get your own chocolate molds and create your own bonbons at home using Jacques Torres’ baking discs:

60% Baking Discs 72% Baking Discs Milk Baking Discs White Chocolate baking discs

#2. Set Up A Romantic Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Set up clues around the house and let the adventure begin! Lead your sweetheart to a nice relaxing bubble-bath or try luring them into the kitchen for one of their favorite snacks. Surprising them with a mini journey shows your lover just how you much you care about them. End the scavenger hunt with one of Jacques’ treats from the Valentine’s Day Collection for the perfect end to their mini expedition!

#3. Have A Movie Marathon on Valentine’s Day

movie night

The best way to watch movies is to throw on some comfy clothes, snuggle up on your sofa, and grab some delicious snacks! Fun ways to make Valentine's Day Movie Night an in-home experience is to binge watch all of the movies on your bucket list, pop all of your favorite Jacques Torres treats, and snuggle up with your honey for the perfect night in.

Movie Marathon Snacks:


#4. Take a Staycation Vacation on Valentine's Day


Get away this Valentine’s day without going too far with a staycation! While you may think that your town is boring, other tourists come to your area for a reason. Treat yourself and book a local hotel with your significant other. Experiencing all the cliche tourist attractions you would never try - who knows, it could give you and your loved one a whole new way of looking at the city you call home. End your night with an extra sweet surprise with a treat from the Valentine’s Day Collection.

#5. Sit Back, Relax, and Take In Nature


Get away from it all this Valentine’s Day and take your special someone to the great outdoors. Plan a hike, pack a basket with a special picnic, or cuddle up and watch the sunset. 

Picnic Snacks:


#6. Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane on Valentine's Day 

Every relationship has them, places where special milestones in your relationship happened. Revisit the place where you and your darling had your first date, your first kiss, or go back to where you first said: “I Love You”. Recreate that special day, or make new memories of your own, but make sure you remember flowers and the chocolate...


#7. Have a Valentine's Day Game Night In

game night

Does your sweetheart have a little bit of a competitive spirit? Host game night with a group of your closest friends and make it a fun double/ triple date. Team up as a pair or go against your significant other for a little friendly competition!


Game Night Snacks: