Job Opportunity

Jacques Torres Chocolate is seeking dependable and trusted Key Holders for our shops.


  • Opening and closing store
  • Setting up and breaking down tills, and leading other employees in the performance of their duties.
  • Working in close communication with Assistants and Managers.
  • Key Holders assist in directing staff to deliver excellent customer service and product quality.
  • Key Holders will take additional responsibilities unique to location and management structure of the store, as needed and directed by the Manager.
  • Execute model work performance as a member of the team, establishing solid expectations for customer service and product quality.
  • Open and close the store in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring full preparedness to provide excellent service during all business hours.
  • Assist in the deployment of staff to ensure effective teamwork and customer service.
  • Implement directions and instructions from the manager in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Instill and maintain respect for the Manager and management decisions and directives.
  • Communicate daily with the Manager, Assistant and other Keys, to assure proper operation of the store.
  • Operate and maintain the store in accordance with the Department of Health.
  • Take on additional routine responsibilities as directed by store Manager.
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, commitment and understanding.
  • Demonstrate ownership of the store by ensuring cleanliness, organization and attractiveness of the store’s interior and exterior.
  • Provide respectful direction to the staff on shift to maintain the appropriate operations of the store.
  • Assist in the supervision of in-store responsibilities, ensuring they are completed correctly and on time.
  • Lead excellent customer service through in-the-moment coaching and role modeling.
  • Continuously review the store environment to identify tasks to be completed and take charge to complete them without being directed to.
  • Maintain a positive learning environment by providing clear, specific, timely and respectful coaching and feedback to staff and ensure timely follow-up with the Manager on all personnel issues.
  • Maintain a positive, healthy and safe working environment. 
  • NYC Qualifying Certificate in Food Protection
  • High School or General Educational Development Diploma Minimum two years+ previous retail Key Holder experience.

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