Lovers Gift Guide by Jacques Torres

Jan 21, 2019

We all know that Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but do you know what type of lover you and/or your significant other are? Are you the hopelessly romantic type that always goes above and beyond? Is your sweetheart the type that loves to have dessert first? Are you a fun-loving and playful lover; maybe a little naughty? Or is there someone you have had your eye on and are finally ready to ask them to be yours this Valentine's Day?

Whatever type of lover you are Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres has crafted the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. Read through Lovers Gift Guide by Jacques Torres below and find the absolute perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.


The Classic Romantic:

Timeless and laced with romance, these classic Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts are the ultimate way to show your S/O how much you love them!

21 Piece Jacques Choice  Jacques' Choice Love You Bunches Bundle Heart Truffle Box

The Sweetie With A Sweet Tooth:

Your sweetie always has dessert first, give them the yummiest sweets this Valentine's Day. 

Valentines Day Cookies All You Need Is Chocolate Bundle Chocolate Chip Cookies  Macarons

The Playful Lover:

Your honey is fun-loving and playful, get them these interactive gourmet chocolate treats and have a round of fun this Valentine’s Day.

Love Me Loves Me Not Chocolate Bonbons The Kissing Game I Love U Puzzle Hugs & Kisses

The First Valentine:

It’s your first Valentine’s Day and finding a way to ask your sweetheart to be yours can be pretty tough. Not to worry, Jacques is here to help with these decadent Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts!

Valentine's Two Bar Box Emoji Bonbons Fruit and Heart Nut Box Jacques Choice Valentines Day Edition