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  • Easter with Jacques Torres

    Mornings with Maria: Easter with Jacques

    Jacques and his Giant Smiling Bunny sits down with Maria from Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to discuss Easter as the second biggest holiday for chocolate. It is estimated that an average of 90 million chocolate bunnies will be purchased for Easter this year alone. The projected production of Jacques’ Easter chocolate is nearing the use of […]

  • Chef Jacques Torres holding two large chocolate bunnies

    WestHouse New York Interviews Jacques on Easter

    When it comes to Easter, no one understands it better than (as WestHouse New York claims…) the King of the Chocolate Easter Bunny. Jacques sits down with WestHouse New York to divulge some little-known facts about how Jacques Torres Chocolate does Easter. View full article here

  • Jacques Torres Easter Eggs waiting to be wrapped

    The Village Voice visits Jacques’ Chocolate Factory

    The Village Voice joins Jacques in his chocolate factory to talk about the craftsmanship of chocolate goodies. He touches topics about his father as a craftsman, the struggles of opening his first location amidst 9/11, and achieving what his chocolate factory is now. Click here for full article.

  • Jacques Torres Amsterdam Location - New York City 8 Great Spots for Hot Chocolate in NYC

    Jacques Torres Chocolate has been claimed as one of New York City’s 8 Great Spots for Hot Chocolate on According to, Jacques Hot Chocolate “goes well with the variety of baked goods and confections that are also available [in store].” And, with several locations throughout Manhattan, Jacques’ Hot Chocolate will be the perfect […]

  • Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie on Plate

    TimeOut: 10 Best Cookies in NYC

    TimeOut’s list of 10 Best Cookies in NYC has featured Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookie. Because of Jacques’ perfect equation of chocolate-to-dough ratio, crisp-around-the-edges, and quarter-size dark-chocolate chips, TimeOut warns “Watch your back, Toll House.” Click here for full article.

  • Haley Swindal & Jack Tantleff's Wedding

    Haley Swindal & Jack Tantleff’s Wedding: Dessert by Jacques Torres

    What better way to celebrate a wedding than a dessert table created by Mr. Chocolate himself? To quote the New York Times: “What Could be a Better Match?” At the wedding of theatrical agent, Jack Tantleff, and actress, Haley Swindal,  “a confectionery table crowned with hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows” by Jacques Torres was created for […]

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  • Jacques Torres and Chef Alain Sailhac

    Chef Alain Sailhac Celebrates His 80th Birthday with Jacques Torres

    For renowned Chef Alain Sailhac’s 80th birthday, Sailhac’s wife and several esteemed colleagues (including Jacques Torres) secretly planned a surprise birthday party that would take place at Jacques Torres Chocolate. Guests included: André Soltner, Daniel Boulud, Michel Nischan, Bill Yosses, Gabriel Kreuther, Marcus Samuelsson, Geoffrey Zakarian, Jimmy Bradley, Ariane Daguin, David Burke, Drew Nieporent, Charles […]

  • Jacques Torres Chocolate Store

    A Couple Deep in Chocolate

    Our very own Jacques Torres was recently featured on the good life lifestyle website Gayot, alongside his lovely wife Hasty Torres, of Madame Chocolat in Beverly Hills. Both companies are currently collaborating on pop-up shops at two of the finest shopping centers in the Los Angeles area – The Grove, in West Hollywood; and Americana […]

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  • Chef Jacques Torres Thanksgiving 2010

    Chef Jacques Torres Thanksgiving 2010

    Chef Jacques Torres greets everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from Jacques Torres Chocolate at 350 Hudson Street in New York!

  • Case of sweets for Valentine's Day

    Sweet Shopping for Valentine’s Day with Mr. Chocolate

    “Ladies don’t need us to remind them that it’s Valentine’s Day,” says chocolatier Jacques Torres. February 14th is the single biggest day of the year for the chef, founder and CEO behind the eponymous Jacques Torres Chocolate mini empire of stores and cafes. Female consumers at one of Torres’ Willy Wonka-like boutiques typically come in […]

  • Mr. Chocolate - Jacques Torres

    Sweet Talk

    Here’s a feature on Jacques Torres by Forbes magazine, with some interesting tidbits on how he got his career started, and more.

  • Tray of Jacques Torres Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The Secret Behind Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Head over to the NY Times for some top secret tips on making the perfect chocolate chip cookie, courtesy of our very own Jacques Torres!