Oct 02, 2019

Jacques' Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for a sweet tooth during the holiday can be a little overwhelming. The options for sweets almost seem endless. Don't panic, Jacques has a gift guide that will make holiday shopping for your favorite sweet tooth a breeze.

For the Little Sweetie:

Their cravings are small but mighty. Get this sweet tooth these mini treats that are perfect for their mini cravings 

 On The Go Top Pretzel Bark Snowman

For the Cookie Monster:

If their go-to sweet fits in the palm of their hand and pairs well with milk, then your sweet tooth is probably a cookie monster. Whether you get them a 6 pack or bake them fresh, cookies are the away to this sweet tooth's heart.

ccc ccc everything mint ccc

For the Chocolate Lover

If they are reaching for a candy bar over a gummy candy and request a chocolate cake for their birthday every year, then you have a Chocoholic on your hands. Luckily for this sweet tooth, specializes in satisfying this type of sweet tooth. 

Champagne Truffles  Jacques Choice New York Christmas Bonbons first noel

For the Baker: 

This sweet tooth takes their time with satisfying their cravings and loves to make their treats from scratch.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Discs Bake It All

For the Snuggle Bug:

Snuggling up with a book and dessert is this sweet tooth's favorite thing to do. Get this snuggle bug the treats that will satisfy their cravings.

Hot ChocolateCandy Cane Hot Chocolate Jacques Favorites 

For The Sweet Tooth Away From Home:

The holidays are always best spent with the ones you love. If your sweet tooth can't make it home for the holidays, make them feel at home with these products below.

Sampler Movie Night Signature Collection