• Jacques Torres Chocolate - Grand Central Terminal Location
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    Grand Central Terminal

    Our beautiful store is located in Lexington Passage which is on Lexington Avenue and the 43rd Street entrance into New York’s iconic Grand Central Terminal.  Browse through our shelves of hand-mad...

  • Tasting Table x Jacques Torres
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    Tasting Table x Jacques Torres

    Jacques Torres is a master pastry chef and famous chocolatier. Recently, in Tasting Table Jacques was asked to reveal the pastry tool that he believes is worth the price!  In the article, The Past...

  • Stream Now: A New Season Of Nailed It!
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    Stream Now: A New Season Of Nailed It!

    The new season of Nailed It! Halloween is out now, stream on Netflix to experience all the spooky surprises this season has in store! This season is packed with tricky new challenges and exciting g...

  • Chef Jacques on Wendy Williams making Chocolate Mousse
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    Jacque's Makes a Delicious Chocolate Mousse on Wendy Williams

    Jacques' has fun with hosts Leah Remini and Michelle Visage on the Wendy Williams Show.  Watch the video to see this delicious and easy chocolate mousse.

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